About Esion

Liling ESION is a leading manufacture in the ceramic industry with over twelve years of exporting and producing experience, specializing in design, production and selling, covering and area of 25000 sq m, owing 300 staffs and two rolling kilns. Meanwhile, ESION posses 2 automatic decal production lines with four color and single printing as well.  ESION understands that creativity and originality are the most foundamental factors in ceramic industry, and so continually focusing its strength in creative design and tableware inspiration. Thus, ESION is famous for elegance, simple, innovation and outreach nature ceramics.

ESION products sell well in many countries, and many famous brands, such as disney, amway, paul frank and nescafe have appointed ESION to produce exclusive products for them in long term. ESION sincerely welcomes all the clients through the world to come for visit, guidance and ordering and have long lasting business relationship with ESION.     

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